Anna Faris heats up The House Bunny Paris premiere

Anna and Shelly

Posing with her character Shelley Darlingson. We're stumped by how her cleavage actually looks smaller on the fictional photo shopped cut-out.

Anna poses outside with some bunnies

You have to give the girls their dues for wearing next to nothing, especially as the weather in France hasn’t been great as of late. Strangely though, the crowd seems to be full of women. Is there no red-blood running through the veins of Frenchmen?

Anna bats for the other side

Given our review of The House Bunny , there's no need for Anna to consider a career move just yet. Still, she's definitely got the serious interviewer look down. Also, notice where the interviewee's hands are. Covering up something, perhaps?

More Bunnies

The highest form of narcissism or one of the hottest things you’ve seen today? You decide…

The fresh face of Faris

Anna beams. No doubt aware that being the executive producer of a hit romantic comedy means her days being known as ‘The one from Scary Movie’ are behind her.

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