Star Wars fans notice heartbreaking Andor episode 6 and Rogue One parallel

Nemik in Andor episode 6
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Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Andor episode 6! Turn back now if you haven't seen the latest episode on Disney Plus yet! 

Andor episode 6 sees the Aldhani heist finally take place – but, as you might expect, things don't go exactly to plan. As Cassian and the rebels are escaping in the transport ship, their cargo hits Nemik, trapping him and seriously injuring him. After some help from the others, though, Nemik is able to direct Cassian on the right way to fly. 

Cassian, though, doesn't believe Nemik's instruction, which leads to Nemik shouting, "Climb!" Star Wars fans have noticed a particularly poignant parallel with Rogue One – as Cassian and Jyn Erso are trying to get hold of the Death Star plans, Cassian's droid buddy K-2SO shouts at them to "climb, climb!" before he's destroyed. 

Though the team is able to get Nemik to a doctor, he sadly dies from his injuries. When Cassian decides to leave the group, Vel passes on Nemik's manifesto, saying the rebel wanted Cassian to have it. "What if Nemik wrote 'rebellions are built on hope' in his manifesto," predicts one fan – in Rogue One, Cassian tells Jyn this exact quote, and she later repeats it to the Rebel Alliance to try and convince them to go to Scarif. 

"Skeen tells Cassian that people like them are born in a hole and all they know how to do is to climb over other people to get out," points out another person. "Nemik and K-2SO's last words to Cassian are "Climb". I'm going to scream." Skeen ends up trying to betray the crew, but Cassian kills him before he's able to steal the cargo and flee. 

Andor continues weekly on Disney Plus – check out our Andor release schedule to find out exactly when episode 7 drops in your time zone. In the meantime, see our roundup of all the upcoming Star Wars movies and TV shows for everything else coming soon from the galaxy far, far away. 

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