Amazon Australia has the cheapest PS5 gear yet as part of Prime Day 2021

PS5 controller DualSense

Amazon Prime Day 2021 has already kicked off in Australia, and if you're already rocking a PS5 despite the shortages, you're going to have a whale of a time. Whether you're after first-party games or a new DualSense controller, these are among the best deals we've seen yet.

On the topic of that DualSense, you can buy a spare (or several) for a record-breaking AU$69 today. You'll need to sign up for an Amazon Prime membership to make the most of those deals, but that's ok: You can get a free trial

Also on sale is the 3D Pulse headset, the official DualSense charging station, and the PS5 media remote. You can also grab Demon's Souls for a new low of AU$78. Without further ado, here are the discounts:

Demon's Souls AU$124.95

Cheapest ever PS5 exclusives | starting from AU$78
Sony's first-party line-up for the PS5 has been shy of steep discounts in 2021, but Amazon Prime Day has ushered in the cheapest copies of Demon's Souls (AU$109.95 AU$68) and The Nioh Collection (AU$109.95 AU$78) yet. 

Demon's Souls | AU$124.95 AU$78
The Nioh Collection | AU$124.95 AU$78
Sackboy: A Big Adventure | AU$109.95 AU$79

[SOLD OUT] AU$109.95

[SOLD OUT] PS5 DualSense controller | AU$109.95 AU$69 at Amazon
This is far and away the cheapest price yet for Sony's next-gen PS5 controller, which plays a huge role in making the console a genuinely new experience. While it usually retails for around AU$100 on Amazon, this is nearly half of what you'd normally pay... perhaps stock up and get two?

DualSense Charging Station | AU$49.95

DualSense Charging Station | AU$49.95 AU$39 at Amazon
If you want an elegant way to store and charge your fancy DualSense, this is the best way to do it. A Prime membership is essential for this deal.

Pulse 3D wireless headset for PS5 | AU$159.95

Pulse 3D wireless headset for PS5 | AU$159.95 AU$104 at Amazon
The previous low of AU$138 has now been emphatically smashed with this brilliant Prime Day deal. This first-party PS5 wireless headset was built especially for the console and is designed to take advantage of PS5's next-gen 3D audio capabilities. 

PS5 media remote | AU$49.95

PS5 media remote | AU$49.95 AU$35 at Amazon
If you're lucky enough to have a PS5 or are definitely planning to get one, once the drought finishes, then you're probably going to want one of these: If you plan to use your PS5 for streaming content, it's a bit more elegant than using the DualSense controller (as amazing as it is). A Prime membership is essential for this deal.

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