Across the Spider-Verse’s Prowler twist was foreshadowed – if you listened carefully to the soundtrack

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
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Miles’ trip to Earth-42 didn’t quite go as planned in Across the Spider-Verse. His run-in with that universe’s version of himself – who masquerades as The Prowler – ended up with him captured and put in harm’s way.

Upon release, it was a twist that blew everybody’s minds. But it was also one that we maybe could have seen coming – if we paid more attention to the soundtracks of both the Spider-Verse sequel and the 2018 original.

While it may not be new news to some, one Twitter user has pointed out that Miles Morales’ theme and that of Prowler from Into the Spider-Verse sound eerily similar. That’s because the Prowler theme is actually Miles’ theme in reverse. Pretty neat foreshadowing, huh? Take a listen for yourself below.

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That’s not even the first detail that telegraphed alternate Miles’ heel turn five years in advance. Eagle-eyed fans previously noticed that Miles’ Spidey-senses are originally green and purple, the same colors worn by the Prowler.

Across the Spider-Verse, of course, is packed with details such as that. The new digital release even includes scenes and moments you may not have seen in the cinema – including a freaky Mandela Effect of an opening that’s confusing the internet.

Next up for Miles and The Prowler is Beyond the Spider-Verse. Originally set for March 29, 2024, the threequel has been pulled from the schedules indefinitely after a delay.

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