A Lego Avatar set is on the way, and it glows in the freakin' dark

LEGO Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls promo shot
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More than a decade after the movie first came out, we're finally getting a Lego Avatar set based on the 2009 film - and yes, it glows in the dark (which makes it an immediate candidate for the best Lego sets, in our books).

Available to pre-order now for $149.99 from Amazon (or £129.99 direct from Lego if you're based in the UK), this Lego Avatar set is due to launch this October 1. Depicting the mystical Tree of Souls and enormous flying dinosaur-alien-thing Toruk Makto, this set is made up of 1,212 pieces.

A lot of that's probably due to the Tree's complex collection of fronds and the plant-life of Pandora included in this box, but you are getting a handful of minifigures too - Avatar hero Jake Sully, warrior princess Neytiri, Na'vi spiritual leader Mo’at, grumpy golden boy Tsu’Tey, and a Direhorse.

LEGO Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls set complete

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While we're on the subject of what you're getting with this Lego Avatar set, supreme dragon-bastard Toruk Makto is suitably massive and comes with foil wings. Moreover, it and the Direhorse have 'connectors' used to attach the braid of the Na'vi minifigs to the creature in question. It's an unnecessary but cool touch that shows the attention to detail on display here.

We've yet to see other sets, but the product listing on the Lego store states that we'll be able to "mix and collect sets (sold separately) to build endless versions of Pandora". We'd assume at least a few of those will be modelled after December's Avatar: The Way of Water.

Pre-order Lego Avatar


Lego Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls | $149.99 at Amazon
Available October 1 - Comprised of an impressive 1,212 pieces, this Lego Avatar set can be built in a variety of different ways to represent the various parts of Pandora. Besides the Tree of Souls itself, that includes a small chunk of the iconic floating mountains.

UK price: £129.99 at Lego

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