Saw X producers tease the possibility of Saw 11

Tobin Bell as John Kramer in Saw X
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Warning: This article contains spoilers for Saw X. Make sure you've seen the film before reading any further. 

It is well known in the genre that usually the longer a horror franchise goes on, the worse the movies get. However, it seems that Jigsaw himself has returned to prove us all wrong. After a stellar opening weekend, Saw X has managed to slice out just under $30 million over three days at the international box office, making it the most successful Saw movie in over a decade. More importantly, the movie has received rave reviews from fans with some calling it the best addition to the series since Saw 2004.

With so much success and the John Kramer fandom officially resurrected, it begs the question, will there be a Saw 11? In an interview with Dexerto ahead of the release of Saw X, producer Oren Koules said: "We’re very superstitious. We don’t even start thinking about Saw 11 or the next movie until after the latest one is released. But I’d bet on it."

Now that's a bet we’d take, as the ending of Saw X sets itself right up for a sequel. In a sneaky mid-credits scene, we see John’s so-called fellow cancer patient Henry, who had a hand in tricking Kramer into the con, strung up in the famous bathroom from Saw 1. Then comes the classic Saw twist, from behind Henry appears Jigsaw’s second assistant’, his most notorious sidekick: Detective Mark Hoffman.

This leads us to believe that Kramer has unfinished business, and with his two trusty assistants by his side, we can only imagine what the trio will get up to in Saw 11, and it looks like Amanda and the detective aren't the only characters eager to return to the franchise.

Co-producer Mark Burg added: "Saw X ends where I think the audience will want to know what happens, and there’s kind of a cliffhanger ending… And should this movie work, there are going to be a bunch of actors from the past who have already called wanting to know if they can come and be in the next movie since we’re going back in time."

As the tenth installment jumps back in time and takes place between the first and second Saw movies, it is possible that all of the characters either dead, lost, or forgotten could make a return to the franchise if Saw 11 were to take place right after Saw X. Could this mean audiences will finally get to see what happens to Adam? Or find out what led Amanda to betray Jigsaw and start making unbeatable traps?

We may not know for sure if an eleventh Saw movie is on the cards, but if the success of Saw X is anything to go by, we can make a bet that Jigsaw will be back on our screens again soon. 

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