We've already reported how much fun we had during our hands-on preview for XCOM: Enemy Unknown; now you can see its eye-pleasing strategy action for yourself. The newly released screens above show off the basics of movement and firing, including the awesome cinematic camera angles as you contemplate whether or not to take potshots at a nearby alien. The fresh trailer below shows off everything in motion, and has some definite stand-out moments: A disgusting Chrysalid bursting from a downed soldier, Sid Meier using his mental powers to take over an alien's mind, and a foreboding face-off with a two-story extraterrestrial. For strategy fans or those who like a little thought put into their alien killing, this walkthrough is pretty much required viewing.

You can pre-order XCOM:EU online now for just under $50; doing so will net you the "Elite Soldier Pack" pre-order bonus to boot. Alongside additional customization options for you soldiers, like helmets and a rainbow of color choices, you'll also unlock a soldier harkening back to the classic X-COM: UFO Defense. One look at his Guile-like, blonde flat-top hair, and you may just whip out your credit card and pre-order on the spot. Team Fortress 2 fans will be happy to know that pre-ordering on Steam comes with some pretty rad cosmetic items: the flat-top hair for the Soldier, and a Sectoid-shaped head for the Pyro.

A look at the contents of the Elite Soldier Pack


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