Xbox Scorpio "will be the most powerful console ever created" says Shadow of War studio head

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Monolith's studio head Kevin Stephens said some interesting things about Xbox's Project Scorpio when we spoke to him recently about the upcoming Middle-earth sequel Shadow of War.

The recently announced Shadow of War is one of the first games to confirm it'll be on Scorpio - buying a digital copy from the Xbox or Windows Store will also get you a version for Scorpio when the console launches (although, technically, everything on Xbox/PC will run on the platform). When we spoke to Stephens about the upcoming console, he replied, "We've found nothing false about their claims about the hardware. As far as we can tell, it will be the most powerful console ever created when it launches - unless somebody has an announcement I don't know about."

When it comes to the overall Xbox ecosystem, Stephen's continues: "I can't speak for Microsoft, but from our point of view they seem very committed to, you know, if you buy an Xbox One, whether it's a One, or an S, or a Scorpio you're going to buy a game and [be able to] play it on any of them. That seems very consistent with our experience of working on those platforms." 

As for any problems or issues developing for vague specs, Stephen's said, "I think the biggest thing has been access to hardware, because they always come in hot. Just like everything." 

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