Warhammer 40K: Space Marine demo launches with Mark Strong interview clip

THQ's Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine has a demo ready for downloading, and the company's chosen to mark the occasion with something a bit different from the usual bombast: a chat with vocal lead Mark Strong. You probably know Strong as the “That Guy” actor called in whenever a movie needs a gravel-voiced Englishman to be dastardly (Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes, Green Lantern) – but as this clip explains, the actor was eager to step into a role that allowed him to play the hero for a change. Apparently it's just his face that's the epitome of ruthless British underhandedness? Take a look and see if Strong really looks all that evil to you.

Also new is this spot, which goes to pains to explain that Space Marine's not just for the greasy nerdlingers who first popularized Warhammmer 40K. They're welcome, but they'll join the eager ranks of fry-cooks, incarcerated hellraisers, and the single most underrated actor of all time (not Tricia Helfer):

The Space Marine demo's available now on XBLA and PC, with the PS3 version to follow tomorrow. The demo includes a taste of the game's pitched combat sequences, and also features a glimpse of Captain Titus, the Strong-voiced lead, in a preview of the “Jump Pack” sequences of the title. The full game is on track to release on Sept 6.

Aug 23, 2011