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  • Zelos's Bouquet Blade

    To get Zelos's Bouquet Blade, equip his "Narcissist" title and fight battles in the "Overworld" (the world map). It will appear randomly in one of the battles, but it is extremely rare unless you equip his Last Fencer sword. To get this, you have to see the scene behind the vinheim door in Mithos's Castle, then beat the advanced singles tournament in the meltokio coliseum to fight Zelos's sister Seles. If you manage to beat her (she's not actually that hard because you're probably about lv 75 by the time you beat the advanced singles tournament), you will get a couple items including the Last Fencer. You should have to fight around 10-20 battles until you recieve the Bouquet Blade. Another downside is that although you can get it over and over, you only get it for the current battle and don't get it in your inventory. (Note that you don't have to use the Last Fencer, but the Bouquet Blade will appear more often if you do. I have gotten it with Excalibur, but it took about 30-40 battles. Ouch.)
    Submitted by SenseiSNES

Tales of Symphonia Hints

  • Easy Gold and experience

    When it comes time to do the Earth Temple in Tales of Symphonia if you get the warp door where there is always a dragon, fight the dragon for as long as you want. Every time you defeat him you'll get 10,000 gold and 800-1000 exp points. After you get to higher levels the gold will be the same but you exp collectings will drop to around 600-800
    Submitted by Tyler Book
  • Sword Dancer

    When you go to Ossa Trail,inside the cave Sheena pops out of all the way in the back there is a black skull. This is a secret monster called the Sword Dancer,he has 8,888hp the first time you see him. If you defeat him now he gives you the Yata Mirror. When you defeat him the last time he gives you the Kusingai Blade (but that is later in the game). He is very strong(you should be around level 20), so if you don't beat him now do it before you go see the dragon guy on Hima Mountain before going to the tower of salvation.
    Submitted by steve contigiani

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