Mobile dev Tapulous, now owned by Disney, releases Zoo Rescue

"Use your flying skills to rescue the animals!"

That's your concisely-put mission, which involves navigating a tiny helicopter through caves and chasms to pick up zebras and elephants that somehow got stuck there. The helicopter has a limited amount of fuel which is depleted as it descends into the bumpy landscape and lifts the animals back up to safety. Hitting any of the walls or hazards also lowers your chance of a successful escape.

It's a pretty basic game concept, and it isn't especially "Disney." But it's a start, and certainly a game we'd rather playover Miley Cyrus Challenge.

Zoo Rescue is available nowon the iTunes App Store, with Game Center compatibility. It carries a 99-cent price tag.

[Source:Pocket Gamer]

Nov 29, 2010