Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Tags location guide

Tag 86: On the northern side of a house.

Tag 87: On the eastern wall of the house.

Tag 88: On the east end of the house, near a steep drop off.

Tag 89: West wall of building after going up the stairs.

Tag 90: On a wall alongside the S-shaped road.

Tag 91: On the southern wall of the building, behind a fence.

Tag 92: In a tunnel near the car wash signs.

Tag 93: South side of the building.

Tag 94: In an alley between the buildings.

Tag 95: Same location as previous tag.

Tag 96: Western side of building.

Tag 97: On northern most house on the slope.

Tag 98: On brown wall next to the road.

Tag 99: In between two houses.

Tag 100: Above the door on the eastern building.