Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Tags location guide

Tag 11: East side of the building.

Tag 12: West side of building.

Tag 13: Up the eastern spiral ramp.

Tag 14: South side of the building -- this one can be tricky to see, as the tag is orange and blends in with the brick wall.

Tag 15: Use the stairs to reach the upper part of the building.

Tag 16: On the south side of one of the buildings in the area.

Tag 17: West side of a building near the underpass.

Tag 18: Northwestern building in the plaza.

Tag 19: Northern side of building.

Tag 20: Southern side of building.

Tag 21: Southern side of building.

Tag 22: On the wall of the overpass near the airport.

Tag 23: On the south side of the green fence.

Tag 24: On the west side of a house near some flowers and a chain-link fence.

Tag 25: South wall of the adult store.

Tag 26: East side of the bar wall.

Tag 27: South side of building, near a vending machine.

Tag 28: South side of building.

Tag 29: South side of the building near the chain-link fence.

Tag 30: On a wall in the tunnel.

Tag 31: On top of the car wash.

Tag 32: North side of building.

Tag 33: East side of building.

Tag 34: West side of the large square building.

Tag 35: North side of building.