Gotham City Impostors weapons, fun facts and gadgets guide


By default your guns will start with an Iron Sight or the standard Scope Lens for sniper gear. Weapon Mods can really change how a gun handles, so pick one that compliments your play style or makes up for your weapon’s weaknesses. As of now, only the Falcon Blade and the Motivator are Mod-less. Note that Mods must be unlocked separately for each gun, meaning you can’t use the Dawn Patrol’s Red Dot Sight on your Huntsman. Thankfully the game is liberal with these unlocks.

The James Bond special, it keeps you off enemy radar when firing for the cost of a little range. Great on sniper rifles, they already have excellent range and killing quietly means you can stay in one place longer. Also effective on Submachine Guns, which are best up close. Try it on the Desperado!

Reflex Sight:
Less magnification than the Red Dot makes for a wider field of vision, which means it’s easier to spot targets while aiming. It makes Assault Rifles and Submachine Guns dominant at medium range.

Red Dot Sight:
A higher zoom than the Reflex Sight, increases range and accuracy to boot. Can be equipped to a number of guns but works best on Assault Rifles, greatly extending their reach.

Body Odor Sniffer:
A reason to shower before battle, the sniffer can be equipped on nearly every weapon. It lets you get the drop on players without carrying Targeting Goggles or a Motion Sensor. Try it on your Back Up weapon and switch to it when needed.

Penetrator Ammo:
Bullets that ignore Body Armor and go through thin walls. Try keeping a Back Up weapon with this Mod in case you run into an armored foe, or use it with the Targeting Goggles to shoot enemies through the wall.

Extended Magazines:
Bigger clips mean more bullets and a slightly longer reload time. Great for fast firing weapons like Submachine guns or the Shredder.

Muzzle Break:
Great for hip firing automatic weapons, this Mod gives you improved accuracy for a 15% reduction in damage. Great for players that need to keep moving. Try it on a Shotgun, since the damage reduction won’t mean as much.

4x Scope Lens:
A bit like the Reflex Sight for Sniping Weapons. The smaller zoom gives you a wider field of vision, making it easier to spot targets while aiming. A must-try for the Bear-Stalker.

Bouncy Grenades:
Just for the Bombardier, your explosives will bounce, letting you make bank shots or spam an entrenched enemy. They detonate on a short fuse or when they hit flesh.

Weaker but flies faster, so it’s easier to hit a moving target. You have three in the chamber, so the improved firing rate balances out the lack of damage.

Mortar Rounds:
Another Bombardier exclusive, these explosives arc like mortar shells and have wide splash damage.

Slower, easier to dodge Rockets for the Thunder Dragon. You need to catch players off guard with its big area of effect and high splash damage.