Everything we know about GTA IV to date

• Brands we've spotted around Liberty City so far include: Sprunk and eCola (soft drinks), Cluckin' Bell (fast food chain), Bean Machine Coffee (coffee chain), Whiz (cell phone), Kronos (watches), Burger Shot (fast food chain), Logger Beer and Piswasser Beer.

• If Niko is hauled out of a car by a cop, he will have more chance of escaping on foot than in previous GTAs.

• Ray and Bell are two Italian mobster stereotypes. They're paranoid about being under observation by the feds and talk in a covert sublanguage. Think "Baddabing", "He's a friend of mine" and "Y'know, the guy with the thing." Niko hijacks a drug load of trucks from the Triads for Bell.

• The game auto-saves after every mission or major activity. Players will also be able to save at any of the safe houses in the city.

• Liberty Tree is the name of the city's main newspaper. It first appeared in GTA III. There are also Daily Globe vendors in the city.