Everything we know about GTA IV to date

• The game is being created collaboratively between Rockstar's New York, San Diego and North (Edinburgh) studios.

• Playboy X is a gangster that likes to live large, but still calls himself "a hustler from the streets." He owns a luxury apartment in Algonquin and recruits Niko's services to help him bring a not entirely amicable end to a Mafia enforced union strike that's disrupting one of his associates' development plans.

• The Triads feature in the game, although we don't know whether Niko works for them at any point.

• There will be an element of "romantic involvement" in the story.

• There's nothing outside of Liberty City, with no empty countryside or desert areas. Rockstar is, instead, focusing on cramming every inch of the city with believable, dynamic life and creating a map totally free of pointless space.