Everything we know about GTA IV to date

• There will definitely be online multiplayer and it will, according to Rockstar, be "channelled through the phone." Exactly what that means is open to interpretation. Other than that, the developer is keeping quiet on specific details. Or any details at all, in fact.

• The Liberty City Police Department will be the largest, most intelligent - thanks to the greatly improved AI - upholders of the law ever seen in a GTA.

• Weapon dealers replace Ammu-Nation stores. Once he's established a favourable friendship, Niko can call up gun peddlers - such as Little Jacob - to arrange a meeting at a convenient nearby spot.

• Excitable white hip-hop jerk-off Brucie runs a garage in Broker, which is located close to Roman's taxi depot. He's buff and claims to be "all about power". Probably uses steroids. He wears a necklace that says 'No One'. Hires Niko to whack a police informant called Lyle Rivas.

• Niko will - to some extent - be able to climb certain things. Like telephone poles, for example.