Best Destiny 2 exotic armor to kit out your Guardian

Let's face it, Destiny 2 is really a great big fashion show. Guns are great and all, but everyone's obsessed with not only getting the best but also most beautiful armour to rock in front of other Guardians. 

Of course, don’t be fooled into thinking your get-up doesn’t matter - sometimes your very survival depends upon your choice of clothing. 

Unlike weapons, there haven’t been significant changes made from Destiny to Destiny 2, but Guardian gear now sports Power not Light, and there’s no Intellect, Strength, and Discipline to worry about anymore. Now you make tweaks to your Mobility, Resilience, and Recovery instead.

It’s early days, of course, and we’ve many more things to explore and experiment with before we’re in a position to provide Guardians with an exhaustive list of the best gear, but here’s the best armour we’ve encountered so far…

The Dragon's Shadow

Available for: Hunters

Why we love it: This chest armour focuses on Resilience, with Wraithmetal Mail giving you increased movement and weapon handling for a short time after you pull off one of your Hunter’s new dodge moves. Your class abilities will also recharge faster when using a Void subclass. 


Available for: Hunters

Why we love it: These Hunter boots have hydraulic boosters that increase your sprint speed and slide distance, as well as boosting the Hunter’s double jump (thankfully!). Grenades will charge faster when you’re using your Solar subclass. Apparently, Marcus Ren calls them “Stompies” for “when your legs need that extra kick.”

Nezarec's Sin

Available for: Warlock

Why we love it: This distinctive helmet is great not just because it gives you fantastic all-round stats (all three armour passive perks are the same level), but it also looks insanely good, too. Equip this to look every bit as amazing as you fight, Guardian. Plus, Void damage kills also grant ability energy with this one.


Available for: Warlock

Why we love it: “When one can wield the fire of stars, what use is flesh and bone?” asks the Sunbracers’ lore (pro tip: hit L2 to see the lore behind any item to see its origins). If they look familiar, it’s because they look just like Destiny’s Sunbreakers. They increase the duration of your solar grenades, plus they boost your grenade energy with melee hits. And once again, this offers equal Mobility, Resilience, and Recovery stats on this occasion, too.

Doom Fang Pauldron

Available for: Titan

Why we love it: This is one of the first Exotics you’ll encounter as a Titan. These gauntlets won’t help you move easy - there’s no mobility bonus here - but shield bash melee kills recharge your super throw, and melee abilities kills recharge your Sentinel Shield super ability. Equip to if you like your Titan to focus on resilience and recovery.

Hallowfire Heart

Available for: Titan

Why we love it: Not only does this chest piece look incredible, but if you’re rocking the Sunbreaker subclass, it’ll greatly improves the recharge rate of your solar abilities while Hammer of Sol is charged. Equip for an extra mobility boost, too. 

So those are our top picks right now... but what are yours?

Huge thanks to the Guardians of xXBidDaddyD and Romity459 for their help and screenshots!