Coded Arms Contagion trailer goes live

Check out gameplay footage of the sharp-looking sequel

Konami's first-person shooter Coded Arms is coming back for a second go-round on the PSP, and it looks a damn sight better this time. Coded Arms Contagion, in production by US developer Creat Studios, will ditch the interesting-but-flawed concept of randomly generated levels in favor of more complex run-and-gun missions. It also adds a thick coat of visual polish - even at this early stage in the game's development, it looks like a huge improvement over the PSone-esque graphics of the original.

Promising a stronger story mode and eight-player online infrastructure play, Contagion will likely hit stores in summer of 2007. To see for yourself what the game looks like in motion, click on the movies tab above.

May 22, 2006


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