Angelina Jolie stars in new teaser poster for Maleficent

A new poster has arrived online for Disney’s Maleficent , starring Angelina Jolie as the fairytale sorceress from Sleeping Beauty .

Telling the story of Maleficent’s journey from beautiful, pure-hearted young woman to embittered villainess, the new film will document the act of betrayal that turns our anti-heroine over to the dark side…

The new poster shows Jolie looking suitably statuesque in the title role, simultaneously exuding beauty and malice as only the wickedest villains tend to do.

She’s also sporting a rather fetching horned headpiece that Loki himself would be proud of. Always a dead giveaway of evil intentions, those horns…

Directed by Robert Stromberg and co-starring Sharlto Copley, Elle Fanning and Sam Riley, Maleficent will open in UK cinemas in May 2014.


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