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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Master Sword
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The Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Geoglyphs have Dragon Tears located within them that unlock special memories, with twelve geoglyphs in total spread across the map for Link to hunt down. This isn't just busywork - the geoglyph memories not only fill you in on essential backstory details for TOTK, but finding all them can give you the location of one of the game's most powerful weapons: the Master Sword itself! For that reason, we've got both a locations map and puzzle solutions to every single Geoglyph and Dragon Tear in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom for you just below!

All Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Geoglyphs map and locations

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Geoglyphs and Memories map

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There are 11 Geoglyphs in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and 12 Dragon Tear Memories, with a 12th memory appearing when you've found all the others, all of which are marked below.

  1. North Hyrule Plain Geoglyph: (Dragon Tear Coordinates -1412, 0966, 0123)
  2. Tabantha Tundra Geoglyph: (Dragon Tear Coordinates -1863, 3621, 0236)
  3. Tabantha Hills Geoglyph: (Dragon Tear Coordinates -2551, 1888, 0319)
  4. Illumeni Plateau Geoglyph: (Dragon Tear Coordinates -3096, -0077, 0211)
  5. Sapphia's Table Geoglyph: (Dragon Tear Coordinates -3178, -1699, 0418)
  6. Lake Hylia Geoglyph: (Dragon Tear Coordinates -0649, -2683, 0068)
  7. Batrea Lake Geoglyph: (Dragon Tear Coordinates 0694, -1309, 0053)
  8. Trilby Valley Geoglyph: (Dragon Tear Coordinates 1828, 0737, 0089)
  9. Eldin Mountains Geoglyph: (Dragon Tear Coordinates 0891, 2951, 0362)
  10. Talus Plateau Geoglyph: (Dragon Tear Coordinates 4467, -0304, 0074)
  11. Cape Cresia Geoglyph: (Dragon Tear Coordinates 3325, -3566, 0004)
  12. Secret Rist Peninsula Memory/Dragon Tear: (Dragon Tear Coordinates 4534, 2144, 0000)

Now you know where they are, what are you actually supposed to do with these things? Keep in mind that if you're exploring the map, it'll definitely have helped to revealed the whole thing with all the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Skyview Towers first!

How to solve Geoglyphs

Link finds a Dragon Tear in a Geoglyph in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

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What you're looking for in the Geoglyphs is a Dragon Tear - a small pit in the ground that's always hidden in one of the Teardrop shapes. Each Geoglyph has a lot of Teardrop shapes built into it, but what you're looking for is the solid teardrop in each Geoglyph, not the outlines of one. In a Geoglyph, all the Teardrops will look hollow, except for one that'll be a solid shape, filled in with colour. That's the one you want to find - when you get close it'll fizzle away and reveal the Dragon Tear and the Memory inside.

There's a lot to go through here, and even with details, it can be  tricky. If you want more help, we've gone into detail for each one below, though it's also good to know that you can head to the Forgotten Temple Impa shows you, in the ravine between Tabantha and Great Hyrule Forest, where there'll be a simple map that reveals the rough locations of each Geoglyph. 

The Geoglyphs are too big to be easily seen from ground level, but looking down at them makes them a lot easier to understand. So the best thing to do is to approach the Geoglyphs from above, either using a Skyview tower to fly above them, making a vehicle, Recalling a falling rock, or any other method. 

1. North Hyrule Plain Geoglyph

King Rauru Geoglyph North Hyrule Plain

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Coordinates -1412, 0966, 0123

The first one you'll likely encounter with Impa, this is found West of Hyrule Castle. The Dragon Tear is on the North side of the Glyph, on Rauru's right eye. 

2. Tabantha Tundra Geoglyph

Demon King Geoglyph Tabantha Tundra

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Coordinates -1863, 3621, 0236

Found in the North Tabantha Tundra, past Snowfield Stable. The constantly obscuring snow makes it difficult to see, but the Dragon Tear is on the Glyph's very left/West edge, one of a pair next to each other. 

3. Tabantha Hills Geoglyph

Old Temple Geoglyph Tabantha Hills

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Coordinates -2551, 1888, 0319

Found East of Rito Village on the mountainside of Tabantha Hills. The Dragon Tear is above the door, in the Glyph's center. 

4. Illumeni Plateau Geoglyph

Queen Sonia Geoglyph Illumeni Plateau

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Coordinates -3096, -0077, 0211

Found on Illumeni Plateau, between Hyrule Ridge and Gerudo Highlands. The Dragon Tear is on Sonia's right side, where the two curls of her dress meet. 

5. Sapphia's Table Geoglyph

Kneeling Ganondorf Geoglyph Sapphia's Table

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Coordinates -3178, -1699, 0418

Found on the South side of the Gerudo Highlands, overlooking the desert. The Dragon Tear is located on Ganondorf's right shoulder, on the widest stretch of snow. 

6. Lake Hylia Geoglyph

Shrine Geoglyph Lake Hylia

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Coordinates -0649, -2683, 0068

Found on Lake Hylia's Western shore, looking over the lake. The Dragon Tear is on the tip of the lefthand flower. 

7. Batrea Lake Geoglyph

Curling Dragon Geoglyph Batrea Lake

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Coordinates 0694, -1309, 0053

Found between West Necluda and Hyrule Field, near Batrea Lake. The Dragon Tear is on the Glyph's Southwest corner, in the curve of the tail, in the middle of a ring of trees. 

8. Trilby Valley Geoglyph

Purah Pad Switch Geoglyph Trilby Valley

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Coordinates 1828, 0737, 0089

Found between Eldin Canyon and Lanayru Wetlands. The Dragon Tear is right in the middle of the Glyph, above the Pad's "eye". 

9. Eldin Mountains Geoglyph

Master Sword Geoglyph Eldin Mountains

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Coordinates 0891, 2951, 0362

Found Northeast of the Great Hyrule Forest, on the border of the Eldin Mountains. The Dragon Tear is at the very tip of the sword, on its East side. 

10. Talus Plateau Geoglyph

Sacred Stone Geoglyph Talus Plateau

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Coordinates 4467, -0304, 0074

Found on the Talus Plateau, Southeast of Zora's Domain in Lanayru. The Dragon Tear is on the Glyph's North side, on the raised rocky section. 

11. Cape Cresia Geoglyph

Sacred Stone Geoglyph Talus Plateau

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Coordinates 3325, -3566, 0004

Found on the Southeast corner of the map, on the curved Cape Cresla past Lurelin village. The Dragon Tear is on the Crossguard of the Scimitar, specifically the North side pointing at Palmorae Beach. 

12. Rist Peninsula secret memory

Final Secret Memory Dragon Tear Rist Peninsula

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Coordinates 4534, 2144, 0000

There's no Geoglyph for this one, and it only unlocks after you've found all the others. Once unlocked, head to Rist Peninsula, the spiral section on East Akkala, and the Dragon Tear is waiting in the very middle, outside Gemimik Shrine, surrounded by Silent Princess flowers. 

Geoglyph quest reward

Link looks back at the Master Sword in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

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The "Impa and the Geoglyph" Main Quest is certainly worth doing as early as possible, because finding all the Geoglyphs allows you to discover the location of the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Master Sword! Admittedly it doesn't put it straight in your hand, but it does tell you where the Master Sword is, arguably the game's best weapon. Head to the attached guide to find out exactly how to get it!

How to get all the memories in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda appears in a memory in Tears of the Kingdom

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Each Dragon Tear allows you to access a memory - but with eighteen in total to find across Tears of the Kingdom, and the Geoglyphs only covering twelve of them, you might be wondering where the others are. Don't worry - you'll get all the other memories simply by playing the main story, with the exception of Memory #1, which is found by visiting the Deku Tree in Korok Forest and completing the associated quest to help him. Once that's done, you'll have all eighteen memories stored and able to rewatch!

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