The best Zelda Tears of the Kingdom weapons, bows and more

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom weapons
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The best Zelda Tears of the Kingdom weapons are those you make yourself, using fusions with specific materials to create high-damage weapons that you can use on the game's toughest enemies - which in turn will drop materials you can make for even deadlier fusions! 

You'll have to keep durability in mind though - Zelda Tears of the Kingdom has no shortage of weapons to find, but the Upheaval has caused them to decay and degrade even faster than ever, meaning you'll constantly be swapping out broken weapons in TOTK, or finding fusions to give them a little more endurance. With that in mind, here are the best Zelda Tears of the Kingdom weapons in the game, and which ones do the most damage.

Best Zelda Tears of the Kingdom weapons

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom weapons

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Finding the best weapons in TOTK is hard when all the weapons in Hyrule are decayed and breakable, but the weapons ones serve as strong bases for your Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Fusions. Check that guide for the coolest and strongest weapons fusions around, but for a list of strong base weapons in the game, we have a handy list here for you to keep track of them.

You can check how much damage a found weapon or fuseable item does from the small number in the top left-corner of each image when you look at it in your inventory.

For raw numbers though, here are the most powerful weapons we know of (not modified by clothing or elixirs):

  1. Scimitar of the Seven + Silver Lynel Saber Horn (138 damage, one-handed)
  2. Gerudo Claymore + Silver Lynel Saber Horn (132 damage, two-handed)
  3. Scimitar of the Seven + Silver Lynel Mace Horn (130 damage, one-handed)
  4. Scimitar of the Seven + Gloom Club (128 damage, one-handed)
  5. Scimitar of the Seven + Ancient Blade (128, one-handed)

All the most powerful weapons in TOTK are Gerudo weapons with fusions on them, especially the Scimitar of the Seven, which you can get by completing "The Missing Owner" quest started in Gerudo town. That being said, Gerudo weapons generally are impressively powerful, as their inherent ability to double the effect of fusions makes them deadly when combined with Lynel pieces or similar materials.

How to find stronger weapons in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

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Stronger versions of the best Tears of the Kingdom weapons can be found in mid to late stages of the game, especially once you reach the secret temples at the core of each Zelda Tears of the Kingdom natural phenomena. These powerful weapons include:

  • Strong Zonaite Longsword (15 base damage)
  • Royal Claymore (14 base damage)
  • Knight's Broadsword (18 base damage)
  • Bokoblin Arm (20 base damage)

Weapons like the Zora Spear or Zora Longsword have the added bonus of inflicting water damage, and using these weapons in or around water will buff its base damage considerably. Consider elemental matchups when battling enemies; water will be useful against fire, and so on.

Why isn't the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom master sword on my list, you ask? Well, you'll have to do something special to have that returned to you. Click on the link to find out what exactly.

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