27 things I wish I knew before starting The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

21. You can parry Guardian lasers

So Guardians are a complete pain. Especially when you start out and their lasers make you keel over after one hit. However, instead of that strafe running thing that you've managed to perfect, why not turn around and grab your shield. You can parry Guardians with any shield if you're fast enough and, as you can see above from GirKart64 it looks like distance really isn't a problem either. Go on. Be brave. 

22. Apples are good for more than just keeping the doctor away 

As mentioned helpfully by commenter Juan Pablo Rojas, apples are ridiculously useful not to just to refill a quarter of a heart container but also as a great source of income. Throw five into a cooking pot and not only do you have a "heart-friendly dish" but you can sell it for 50 rupees. That makes stopping for apple collection at trees that little bit more useful, doesn't it? Also keep in mind that you can help your bond with your horse early on by holding an apple and standing next to it. It'll grab it from your hand and release some of that pink horse love gas. 

23. Armour is good for your stealth 

As suggested by commenter Red Glasses, investing in the Sheikah Stealth armour set means serious bonuses if you're having problems snaring those critters. When you've got all three bits of armour equipped, you're practically silent and can literally just walk up to collect fairies and critters. Just don't run and you'll probably be absolutely fine. It's also a great bonus if you're sneaking up on enemy camps and want to get nice and close to throw a bomb or use a bomb arrow on those deadly barrels. It's not cheap, but maybe combo this up with the above apple tip and you'll be silent and deadly in no time. 

24. Go fishing. With bombs. 

Helpfully suggested by LinkBomber, you can get serious hauls of fish if you throw and detonate a bomb into pools at just the right time. Who needs a spear or bait when you can just toss in explosives? Combo it up with the luring from one our previous tips and you'll have more fish than you'll know what to do with. When it comes to bombs, it's always easy to forget that they're there. If you don't have any bomb arrows, remember that a well placed throw can always do serious amounts of damage and keep an eye out for rocks that look like they're hiding a secret. 

25. Use elemental weapons to your advantage

So forgive us for getting a bit Destiny for a second but Breath of the Wild's elemental weaponry is useful for more than just high powered attacks. If you've got a torch lit or one of the rarer fire or ice rods, you can use it in cold or warm areas to help deal with extreme temperature. Equip a fire rod in a cold spot and, helpfully, Link won't die of hypothermia. We'd keep a store of relevant shroom recipes for cases like this too. 

26. Hunt down star fragments 

Now this is amazing. If you've been taking in the night sky, perhaps watching the horizon like Link is above, you might have seen an asteroid fall from the sky. And because it's Breath of the Wild, that means you can go and see what's arrived. If you can get there in time, you're going to find a Star Fragment. These are much sought after and useful for ancient armour and for enchanting armour with the Great Fairies. Don't worry, you're not going to have to just stare at the sky. 

Star Fragments only fall between 9:30pm and 2am and only during the full moon. Breath of the Wild runs on an 8 day cycle and, helpfully, Hino at the Duelling Peaks Stable can tell you what kind of moon there's going to be. Mess around at the fire at the Stables until it's noon on a full moon day. Make your way to a high point in Hyrule and keep your eye on the horizon. Eventually you'll see fire across the night sky and observe the fragment land in the distance. Now all you need to do is find it before morning. Grab some swift carrots and you'll be well on the way. 

27. You can ride A BEAR

Look. A BEAR. It's an actual bear. If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise. And that's the fact that you can ride Baloo. Sneak up on your new bear pal and you can mount him or her just like a normal stallion. It's not good for much except barreling into enemy groups but you're riding a bear into battle. It's important to note, however, that the Stables don't like it terribly much when you try and board one. 

As ever with a world this large, there's plenty left to discover - and we’re only at the beginning. So have you pulled off any neat tricks? Have you found something truly mind blowing? Have you somehow assembled a dog army? Let us know in the comments!

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