Zack Snyder is helping make a RPG based on his next movie

Rebel Moon
(Image credit: Netflix)

Zack Snyder is helping developer a RPG based around his forthcoming movie, Rebel Moon.

Speaking on The Nerd Queens show last week, Snyder revealed some details surrounding Rebel Moon that even he didn't know if he should be talking about. Snyder reveals he was pitched a game surrounding his upcoming Netflix movie, Rebel Moon, and he jumped at the opportunity.

Snyder talks briefly about how he's effectively gone all in on the game, offering up any lore bits and other information to the game developers that he can to help. Two versions of the game were apparently pitched to Snyder: one on a smaller scale, and one on a much wider scale, and the director opted for the latter.

The Rebel Moon director doesn't offer up any other details on the RPG, but he does mention that he always wanted to work on that type of game in particular. We don't know which platforms the game is slated for, or how it'll tie in exactly to the upcoming Netflix movie.

It's worth bearing in mind, though, that Netflix is currently in the midst of a big push into games. The company was "rapidly expanding gaming offerings" as of last year in August, and in November teased a project that looked to be a huge AAA live-service shooter, their biggest project to date. 

Considering Netflix has only launched games on mobile devices to date, it's not unreasonable to imagine the new Rebel Moon tie-in could be a mobile-exclusive project. Rebel Moon itself is still slated to launch in 2023, but is so big that it's being split into two parts. Expect to hear more about the new game well after the first movie has released on Netflix.

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