Netflix Games' biggest project looks to be a AAA live-service shooter

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Netflix appears to be making a AAA PC game, that will likely be a live-service first or third-person shooter. 

As spotted by, Netflix is looking for a Game Director at its new Los Angeles games studio to head up the title. There's no indication of what the game is, but the job posting states the company is looking for a director with experience in "FPS and/or Third Person Shooter games," as well as live-service titles. This also seems to be a seasoned job opening, as the position is looking for "at least 10 years of game design experience," with previous game directing roles.

Interestingly, the job posting specifically says that the director won't have to worry about microtransactions or other monetary considerations. It says: "Creating a great game that players want to come back to repeatedly is our primary goal - you will be able to create, ship and run a game without any competing design constraints due to monetization."

The listing also hints that this vision is likely going to be developed with an eye on further multimedia opportunities, but also seems to rule out being based on a previously established Netflix property. The listing states specifically that the game will be looking to "develop the world/characters/narrative that are worthy of a Netflix film/TV series."

If Netflix did create a massively successful AAA franchise, it's uniquely positioned to be able to make spin-offs and adaptions on its platform, meaning this might only be the first step in a massive franchise undertaking by the streaming service.  

Netflix has been making bigger and bigger strides into the gaming space in recent years, with its rapidly expanding gaming offerings. By the description of the scope of this latest game though, this is by far the largest project the company has taken on. 

The streaming service has also acquired three game development studios in quick succession. Earlier this year, Netflix took over Boss Fight Games, while it also had previously taken over Finnish mobile developer Next Games, as well as Oxenfree 2 developer Night School Studio. 

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