Yoshi’s Crafted World: How to find every red coin

Yoshi's Crafted World has an absurd amount of Yoshi red coins for the player to find, which makes for an especially difficult predicament for the completionists out there. Finding twenty red coins in a level will net you an extra Yoshi smiley flower, which is fairly crucial when you get to the late game and you want to unlock new worlds and progress, as each zone is gated by a certain number of the smiling plants. This is even more important in the post-game, where you need even more collectibles to unlock levels in the Hidden Hills zone. For our sins, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to find every red coin in Yoshi’s Crafted World.

Rail-Yard Run

Red Coins 1-3: Underneath the first smiley help block (part of the game’s tutorial) is a row of red coins

Red Coins 4-6: Above the first piranha plant you see, you should see three more.

Red Coin 7: Egg the gift box on your left in front of the cardboard cow for coin seven.

Red Coin 8: There’s a shy guy in red holding a coin in a line of three who is in need of an egging, you can find him when you pass the traffic light about half way through the level.

Red Coins 9-11: In the next area, you’ll see a row of shy guys holding normal coins at the back, throw eggs at them to get the next three

Red Coins 12: Right at the far right corner of the area, there’s a shy guy in a yellow milk carton house holding another coin

Red Coins 13-15:  On the row furthest from the screen, walk along and you will see the shy guys holding coins in papercraft windows. Egg them.

Red Coins 16 - 20: Jump up to your right after smiley four in the leftmost house in the background. When you pop the flap and wipe out the shy guy you should see a Cloud spawn. Egg it for the last five coins.

Many Fish In The Sea

Red Coin 1: Ground pound the first three stumps you see and the coin will pop afterthe last one.

Red Coins 2-6: Underneath the lowering fish craft, there is a row of coins, with four in the middle being red.

Red Coin 7: Pound the stump below the second big Nemo paper puffer for a coin.

Red Coins 8-10: Pound another stump below the yellow papercraft fish and you will be able to crawl into a cubby. Shuffle along to a cloud which you can pop to spawn a fish-shaped coin set with a red tail.

Red Coin 11: This one is tricky. There will be an egg flower you pass, after it you want to look for a present which is out of frame and fuzzy. Hit it with an egg for this coin.

Red Coins 12-13: You’ll see a cloud underneath a row of koopa troopers, stomp a stump and pop it for 2 coins.

Red Coin 14: Spit the red koopa out after you go through the next door flap and it will pop a coin-holding shy guy on the way back.

Red Coins 15-17: Hop out onto the platform you see with a chasm below it, and in between two puffers there are three coins waiting.

Red Coins 18-20: Turn around after you pass the wooden Japanese structure and hop on the roof for three final coins.

Pirate Pier

Red Coins 1-3: On the first bouncy tightrope, you will see three in the sky above Yoshi. 

Red Coin 4: When you have to run away from the camera, there’s a gift box to your left on the ship with a coin in. 

Red Coins 5-8: Pop the cloud in the middle of the first pirate ship for these four coins.

Red Coins 9-12: There’s a bouncy tightrope section with sailor shy guys hopping up and down. Down and to your left is a cloud you can pop for four coins.

Red Coins 13-16: The second platforming wheel along in a section of three wheels, you’ll see a little orange shy guy with the red coins just above him.

Red Coin 17: There’s a shy guy hiding in a barrel holding a red coin in the next section. Egg him for a coin.

Red Coins 18-20: Near the end of the level, you’ll see a blue slime monster, after you pass it, there’s a gap between the wheel and land. Under the platform are three red coins you need to throw an egg at.

Poochy’s Tape Trial

Red Coin 1: You’ll come across an egg box you can bump to acquire projectiles to chuck at the cheeky shy guy poking his head out from behind a bush close by. That’s your first red coin.

Red Coin 2: There will be two tongue enemies rolling out the tape. On the first level, you’ll see a red coin behind the lower enemy. 

Red Coins 3-5: You’ll walk over a tape bridge with two sheep below you. On the other side, wait for the tape roller to retreat and head down and over to the left for the three coins in the sheep pit. 

Red Coin 6: Later in the level you’ll hit a checkpoint with some sheep behind it crowding around a gift box. Hit it with an egg for a coin.

Red Coins 7-9: Follow the tape trail heater skelter up to the top with the three tongue enemies to find these three coins in a cloud you can pop. 

Red Coin 10: After the cloud of coins, there will be two bushes and a little red shy guy running betwixt. Chuck him an egg for another coin.

Red Coins 11-13: Roll out the middle unfurled tape where you can see the pink shy guy once you make it to the other side of the chasm and the coins will be in the middle. 

Red Coin 14: Break the popsicle stick fence on the right after you see a big pink clay blob, then attack the red coin-holding shy guy.

Red Coin 15: As the scenery turns blue, you should see a shy guy flying holding a red coin. Knock him out of the sky.

Red Coin 16: When you see a coin box you can pop, walk on the lane away from the camera and you should see another red coin-holding shy guy 

Red Coins 17-20: Now on the other side, walk towards the camera and pop the cloud in the foreground for the final red coins

Go Go Yoshi

Red Coins 1-6: Punch the first three signs you see for six red coins.

Red Coins 7-12: Punch the second set of signs that you see, don’t miss any and six red coins will pop.

Red Coins 13-18: Punch the third set of signs that you see without missing one.

Red Coins 19-20: There’s a red coin box floating after you see the truck driving away from you. Give it a smack.

Mine-Cart Cave

Red Coins 1-3: After the first set of descending snowy platforms, look up to your right and you will see the red coins in a row that you can wiggle towards. 

Red Coins 4-7: On the second set of descending cloud platforms, look to your left and hop off to find the next three coins

Red Coins 8-11: Head to the far right when you see the empty minecart rail and you will see a question cloud in the top right corner. Chuck an egg at it for the next set of coins

Red Coin 12: When you get to the long chasm of descending platforms, you’ll see a gift in the background which you can pop for a coin. 

Red Coin 13: When you destroy the paper rocks to drop the minecart go back up to where it was and pop the cloud for this coin.

Red Coin 14: There’s another chasm of descending platforms, and you should see a shy guy holding a red coin in his feet that you can gobble up.

Red Coin 15: When you find the next minecart to push, throw an egg up above to get the next coin.

Red Coins 16-18: Push that minecart to the right then hop up to your left to pop another cloud for these coins. 

Red Coins 19-20: Right before the final checkpoint, hit the cloud to your left up top after a climb to catch the final coins

Whistlestop Rails

Red Coins 1-2: Near the first turn of the train, hop up to get the first two coins of the trail.

Red Coins 3-5: After you hop off the train, walk towards the camera and go left to pop a cloud and get three coins.

Red Coins 6-11: During the second train car cave ride, there will be two small hops you can make to find red coins in an arc set.

Red Coins 12-13: You’ll soon see two shy guys on an adjacent train holding coins that you can chuck eggs at.

Red Coins 14-19: During the final train ride once you’re indoor inside a cave there are a group of coins you can pick up right before a smiley.

Red Coin 20: The final coin is in a gift box right before the ending tape.

Mousers and Magnets

Red Coins 1-2: After you raise the can, use a magnet to get on top of the arches you were walking past and you will find the first two.

Red Coin 3: Just before the Yo’ster cookies billboard, you’ll see a cheeky mouse with a coin you can hit with an egg.

Red Coin 4: After the first room where you have to blow up the balloon cat, to your left you’ll see a gift box to pop which has a coin inside.

Red Coins 5-8: Before you lift the wall with a magnet, hop up on the can to get the next four coins.

Red Coin 9: Next to the mint billboard there are two mice throwing red coins, so make sure to grab it by jumping as it moves past you. 

Red Coins 10-11: After you get past the running rats, you can jump up to your left, at the foot of a green can are your next two coins. 

Red Coins 12-13: After you hop down and have to raise another can with magnets, there’s a rat running with a coin you can egg, but also a cloud to pop that releases a coin behind Yoshi. 

Red Coins 14-15: In the second room where you have to inflate a cat to scare the mice, grab the two coins from the mice that drop and are running around with them.

Red Coins 16-17: After you leave the second inflatable cat room, chuck two magnets on the can and float up, pop the cloud and get the next two coins.

Red Coins 18-20: After the can, go through the platform you’ve raised and look up and to the left. Pop the cloud for the next three coins. 

Spring-Sprung Trail

Red Coin 1: There’s a gift box in the background when you hop on the growing purple flower, you can egg it for your first coin. 

Red Coin 2: The first pinwheel flower you see, pop the left cloud and you can get the second red coin underneath the flower.

Red Coins 3-4: After the first checkpoint, walk into the plastic bottle on your left to get the next two coins.

Red Coins 5-7: A row of three flowers will appear, pop the cloud below the final one to drop the next set of coins.

Red Coin 8: Monty Mole is hiding in the background on the next platform behind a popsicle fence. Egg him!

Red Coins 9-11: Once you find a set of three cloud question marks at the next platform, pop the right one for three coins.

Red Coin 12: After the second checkpoint, you can find a cheeky monty mole in the right flour patch with a coin. 

Red Coins 13-16: Once you see the first orange flower platform, ground pound it to get three red coins.

Red Coins 17-18: After you hop over the chasm with a pinwheel flower in the middle, you can find a plastic bottle on the right. Hop up over it and in the lower portion of the soil section pop a cloud to spawn a butterfly of coins with two red wings.

Red Coins 19-20: Right before the end of the level, ground pound your second orange flower for the last remaining coins.

Monty Mole B-Gone

Red Coins 1-6: The first set of coins are easily visible after the chasm of three green platforms, hop down and break the coin box to get the first three, then jump over and go below the green platform to get the next three.

Red Coin 7: There’s a gift box in the background of the frame out of focus, you can egg it for a coin. 

Red Coins 8-10: After coin seven roll out the lower wallpaper platform by standing still to get the first two and then float up to get the other two.

Red Coins 11-13: After the long wallpaper platform go underneath the next platform on land to get the next three coins.

Red Coins 14-16: Once you pass through the green paper fruit. Get the two coins underneath the green platform, then egg the coin-holding mole in the background. 

Red Coins 17-20: The final three coins are at the end of the big running mole trail, simply float up and grab them to complete the set.

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