Yoshi’s Crafted World: How to find every red coin

Slip Side Isle

Red Coin 1: Keep going until you get three consecutive slippery platforms. A cloud should appear on the middle one that you can pop for the first red coin, hidden in a cluster.

Red Coins 2-4: The next set is up to the right of the last icicle that falls. Hop on top of it and head left for this set.

Red Coin 5: Before you use the slide to the foreground, pop the cloud off to the right of it to make it so a red coin spawns at the end.

Red Coins 6-10: On the Burt ball, hit the cloud in the distance to drop tons of coins on the set of four water geysers. Collect them all for the next set.

Red Coins 11-13: Wipe out the three consecutive big cup penguins for the next three coins, and stomp the head of the little critters inside.

Red Coins 14-17: When you see the felt bear faces side by side in the background, jump at the end and walk left across their mouths to a platform with four more coins.

Red Coins 18-20: After the ending star arrow, wait on the second dolphin to drop and then collect the three red coins to its right to complete the set.

The Countdown Begins 

Red Coins 1-2: After the magnet pulls the tin up, go all the way to the right for a hidden question cloud that drops two coins on the tin above you when popped.

Red Coins 3-6: When you encounter the three tins in a row with electric hazards, go all the way to the left, pop the hidden cloud, then make your way above them normally, collecting the four red coins in the new clusters as you go.

Red Coins 7-10: Head up and let the magnet pull you to the top. Walk left instead of right to the three tins with a smiley in the middle. Drop it down and stay on top of it as it rises to find the next four coins in the air.

Red Coins 11-12: Press on until you lower the two massive magnets that pull you up, with the shy guys spawning to stop it. Collect every coin here, with one from each cluster being a red.

Red Coin 13: Now you’re on the moon, head all the way right to the matchstick scaffold and shoot the gift box in the foreground with an egg.

Red Coin 14-17: Eat the floating squid and spit him on the raised platform where the timer cloud is. Collect the coins on the high-up platform to get these coins. 

Red Coins 18-19: Use the same squid and jump on his head above the seemingly unreachable shy guy row to pump ink onto them and send them fleeing. Pick up the two red coins they drop.

Red Coin 20: In the basin with the three floating squid, ground pound the middle one, pop the question cloud, shoot back in the air and claim the final red coin.

Ride the stars

Red Coins 1-3: Keep riding until you get to the point where the screen is full of three lines of toilet tube stars. Drop to the bottom row and keep moving until you get the first three disguised red coins.

Red Coins 3-6: Once you see a planet resembling Saturn, pop the cloud above it and hop between the spaceships to the left for the next three.

Red Coin 7: When you get to the part with the rotating moons, align the spaceship by egging the planets and walk through the craft for this coin.

Red Coins 8-10: After the first checkpoint, wait for the super slow-moving ascending tubes to arrive, and hop on the leftmost one to follow it up to these three coins. 

Red Coin 11: In the next rotating planets puzzle, head to the back left planet for the floating coins, one of which is a red one. 

Red Coin 12: After the second set of rotating planets, you’ll see a hollowed out bottle with a coin-toting shy guy in it in the background. Egg him for a coin. 

Red Coins 13-16: After the next checkpoint, hop on the ascending toilet tube with a set of coins in its arc. The set of three are all red. 

Red Coin 17: Keep going until you land on a satellite with a bottle rocket in the distance below. Hit the gift box on top of it with an egg for another coin. 

Red Coins 18-20: When you see the dual star arrow signifying the end of the level, drop down in between the ascending tubes to a UFO with the final three coins on it. 

Space Hub Hubbub

Red Coins 1-3: When the robot friends lift your platform up for the first time, jump left and pop the cloud to spawn a trail of coins with three red ones at the end.

Red Coins 4-5: After the first haywire moment, you’ll see two scurrying robots and a set of coins above them on a rubber band platform. Hop up there and collect them all for the next two.

Red Coins 6-9: Progress until the game makes you run towards the foreground lane. Keep following along until you see a platform with two robots and a moving question cloud. Pop it for the next three coins.

Red Coin 10: Just before the first checkpoint there’s a gift on your left you can pop with an egg for a coin.

Red Coins 11-14: After the robots push you to the foreground, head right and stay high to see an arc of coins after a silver shy guy. Three of the coins here are red.

Red Coins 15-17: In the area with the fully flat spinning platforms, hop up and to the left to see a floating cloud you can pop for the next three coins.

Red Coins 18-20: After the star arrow checkpoint, you’ll see some flag looking platforms that turn awkwardly, wait for the last one to rotate so you can pick up the final three coins. 

Ride the River

Red Coins 1-3: Right at the start after the giant fish emerges, fling an egg at the three coins where he spawned from for the first set of red coins.

Red Coin 4: After a respite platform with an egg box, continue on the river ride until you see two popsicle fences guarding shy guys. One is holding a red coin you can egg to retrieve.

Red Coin 5: When you start heading down the first waterfall, jump in an arc to collect both sets of coins, the end collectible being red.

Red Coins 6-8: After the first checkpoint, head towards the foreground and then left. Fight against the grain and turn around to get the next three coins from underneath the rightmost platform.

Red Coin 9: Right before the next waterfall, hit the gift box in the background for another coin.

Red Coins 10-11: At the foot of the waterfall, grab the two sets of coins spinning in a circle for the next two.

Red Coins 12-14: After you hit the next checkpoint, head to the background and go left to hop up a waterfall and see another nasty fish. Turn around and head back, picking up the coin arc on the way for the next three.

Red Coins 15-17: There’s another set when you get into the multiple waterfall flume. Crouch underneath the piranha plant platform for this three set.

Red Coins 18-20: After the star arrow sign, you’ll see a flappy bird-looking platform with three coins in a row up high. Hop on the log and flutter or fling a careful egg to complete the set.

Open, Shut

Red Coins 1-2: When you see the pink folding boxes after the first egg box, pop the cloud above and collect the coins for the first two.

Red Coin 3: You’ll be given the option to head to the background, hop on either the right or left hand side of this platform to see a gift box underneath the area in the background. Egg it for a coin.

Red Coins 4-8: After checkpoint one, drop down and to the right and pop the right hand cloud moving in the background through the hole. This will drop five more coins. 

Red Coins 9-11: You’ll see an egg box and an arrow pointing down to a chaotic mess of platforms. Jump to the purple box on the right and collect the circle cluster for the next two.

Red Coin 12: Dropdown and to your left, flutter between the purple and green platform for another red coin in the set of three.

Red Coins 13-15: After you make it down this hellish platforming section, land on the left side and walk to the foreground and around to get three coins on the way back, underneath the checkpoint.

Red Coins 16-20: Once you see the star arrow pointing to the finish line, flutter just to the right to find a cloud you can pop that will spawn a coin set in the shape of a seagull. Collect them all for the last four.

Solar Zoom

Red Coins 1-2: Stick to the left on the first main straight and collect the leftmost coins. 

Red Coins 3-5: You’ll end up in a brown tunnel later in the race. Keep to the left and collect the coin set near the end for three more.

Red Coins 6-8: The camera will pan down on a straight and paper airplanes will fly above you. Duck between them and return to the middle lane after the giant plane for the next set of three.

Red Coins 9-10: The road will start winding dramatically after the shadow section. Keep in the right hand lane and when it evens out you will receive the next two.

Red Coins 11-16: This one is very difficult to grab, it’s in the middle lane during the rain cloud shadow section. Use the left boost pad and curve into the middle lane to just about grab this cluster and the red coins. 

Red Coins 17-20: After you fall down from the roof and start descending a ramp towards the finish, keep to your right for the final set of coins in this level.

Be Afraid Of The Dark 

Red Coins 1-3: Keep going until you get attacked by Lakitu’s with spike balls. In the pit with a shy guy is a cloud you can pop for three red coins.

Red Coins 4-7: After two flashlights beam down on you you’ll have to drop into a pit with a sackboy. Head to the right and break the two boxes, then do the same on the left for four more coins total.

Red Coins 8-12: You’ll hop up and walk over a building with a green-trimmed grate in the middle with paper boxes leading you down on the right side. Leap up to the right from these boxes and onto the green-trimmed platform, then pop the hidden cloud above for this set.

Red Coin 13: When you reach the second smiley tutorial block, look to the left inside of the house for coin thirteen. 

Red Coins 14-16: Jump up the consecutive green-trimmed platforms until you hit the second one, at which point you should run right and through the open building until you’re underneath another identical platform, which will net you three coins.

Red Coins 17-20: Keep following the red tape, until you see a tilted green-trimmed platform that you can hop up to. This is after the row of three sack boys. Hop up and into that room for the last set of coins amidst the rows.

Skulking Around

Red Coins 1-2: From the start, keep skulking until you have to go down a level through some paper boxes. Watch out for the spotlight, wait til its in darkness and then hop up upon the platform and go left for two red coins.

Red Coins 3-4: Almost immediately after, move to the right and head to the left underneath the rubber band platform (wait until it’s covered by shadow) for the next two coins.

Red Coins 5-6: Again, just after the last two, pass the checkpoint and drop down and to your left first before advancing for two coins.

Red Coins 7-8: From this lower level, hop up and right and then turn and go up to the little ledge on your left for two more.

Red Coins 9-11: But wait, there’s more! Before you head up top, drop back down and walk all the way to the right on the lower level to see a cloud in the distance when the wall isn’t obscuring it. Pop it and follow the coins for two more.

Red Coin 12: Jump across the three green platforms and you will see another spiky boy. Just before you drop off the ledge, look into the background next to the blue can to see a gift box you can pop for coin twelve.

Red Coins 13-14: You’ll enter a section with moving platforms and eventually, a spotlight shining from below. Drop down and on the left, underneath a green platform are your next two coins

Red Coins 15-17: After the next checkpoint, you’ll enter a section where the wall is moving up and down. In the second, keep moving to the right and on the far platform will be a column of three red coins, with a shy guy waddling underneath.

Red Coins 18-20: Keep it moving until you see a star arrow and a button with a cloud hovering above it. Pop it then move into the next walled section and pick up the spawned cluster of coins for the final two. 

Mr. Geary’s Factory

Red Coins 1-2: Right at the start, above the second cog you land on there are two red coins in this disguised coin cluster.

Red Coins 3-6: Straight after you’ll see a paper box bit of floor you can crash through underneath the slamming platforms. Break through and to your left are three red coins in a cluster.

Red Coins 7-8: You’ll soon pass a checkpoint and walk to the background. Head left and hop up to the leftmost platform for a cluster with two more red coins.

Red Coins 9-12: In the room where the lava starts rising, there will be a platform just out of the way to the left with a blue shy guy on it, right before the slamming platforms. Hop on there and collect the top row for three red coins.

Red Coins 13-14: You’ll hit another section where you have to get across cogs that are suspended in lava. Wait for the first cog to turn and there will be two more red coins in between a spoke.

Red Coins 15-16: Do exactly the same as above but for the third cog in the lava. Simply wait for it to spin and collect the coin in between. 

Red Coin 17: After you hop up from the cog lava pit, look down and to your right and just before the cog on the right you should see a gift box in the background between the spokes. Egg it.

Red Coins 18-20: In the next section you’ll be using cogs to ascend. The first speedy cog you see suspended in mid-air, hop on it and ride it to the left, where you can hop off and pick up a coin set (two rows of three) which houses the final two coins in the game.

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