Xzibit, Billy Connolly join X-Files 2

American rapper Xzibit and Scottish comedian Billy Connolly have joined the cast of The X-Files 2. Writing that sentence made us sniff our drinks, just in case someone's slipped us booze again.

Nope, our Cokes are booze-free and we really are living in a world in which the first major cast announcements from one of our most anticipated sequels involve a man who presents Pimp My Ride and a man who rose to fame by shouting and swearing in a funny way.

Perhaps we shouldn't be so shocked. Billy's an accomplished actor these days and Xzibit's 'thing' is barking 'X' while making an X with his arms, so there is synergy there. We wonder what the odds on him releasing a single to tie in with the summer release, Will Smith style?

But, Hollywood types, before you make that decision, don't forget that Billy used to sing too. You know, just to give you some options.

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