Xbox Series S luggage is the classiest Xbox accessory you can't buy

Xbox Series S luggage
(Image credit: Microsoft)

This Xbox Series S luggage holds an actual Xbox Series S, and it may be the least practical yet also best way to amuse yourself while traveling.

Xbox revealed the new item as part of a collaboration with high-end luggage company July. Unfortunately, the only way to get it is to win a social media contest that's open exclusively to residents of Australia and New Zealand who are 13 years old or older. If that isn't you, you'll just have to pine after the possibilities of toting your prized possessions inside of a Series S-themed roller bag along with the rest of us.

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As you can see in this unboxing (or would it be unbagging) video from Xbox influencer Dhayana, it's a nice looking piece of luggage. If you weren't familiar with Xbox Series S, or even if you were and just weren't looking for it, you'd probably think it was just a regular roller bag - that black circle on the front could easily just be an accent piece, after all. Once you open it up, its purpose is made clear: the luggage includes an Xbox Series S, suitable for playing Microsoft Flight Simulator now that it's finally available on console, as well as a portable screen so you can play on the go. It's like if the Xbox Series X fridge also had an Xbox Series X and 4K display just chilling inside of it.

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Theoretically, you could take this kit with you on an airliner and - as long as your seat had a power outlet - and you remembered to download Flight Simulator ahead of time - you would have everything you'd need to play. Just imagine what a power move it would be to carefully recreate the flight you're on in real time, then nudge whatever privileged soul is in the seat next to you as you say "watch this, I'm about to shave 15 minutes off our arrival time." The luggage even comes with an extra controller so the two of you can relax with some Battletoads once you're done schooling that poor pilot on the supposed importance of landing procedures.

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