Xbox Series X fridge won't play games, but you can win one anyway

Xbox Series X
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The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S debuts are right around the corner, and what better way to get in the spirit of an imminent console release than getting a new fridge?

Xbox took to Twitter to show off a distinctly next-gen refrigerator modeled after the new upcoming console, packed with all kinds of gamer-oriented goodies, including energy drinks and donuts. The fridge itself is an exact model of the Xbox Series X, complete with a distinctly Xbox green interior lighting to make sure the branding is consistent. 

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Of course, don't expect to find a line of these at your local appliance shop anytime soon. Xbox is giving away the most gamer-friendly fridge there is in a contest. Fans can enter a special sweepstakes courtesy of Xbox to take home the big prize: a fridge that matches your console. 

Why did Microsoft decide to promote their new console by making it into a giant refrigerator? Well, because everyone thought it looked like one, so why not lean into the joke. The gentle self-mockery move seemed to work , as the hashtag attached to the contest, #XSXFridgeSweeps, has quickly launched to the top trending topic on Twitter in the United States. 

Fans can enter the sweepstakes between October 28 and November 4. We can't quite explain this marketing choice, but it without a doubt would make a good conversation starter for any gamer's home.

While you prepare for the big release day, take a look at all the Xbox Series X games confirmed so far. 

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