Trippy Microsoft Flight Simulator mod adds Mario Kart tracks

Microsoft Flight Simulator Mario Kart tracks
(Image credit: Microsoft/Nintendo/Illogicoma)

Just in case Microsoft Flight Simulator is a little too hyper-realistic for your tastes, someone went ahead and modded the game to include various tracks from Mario Kart 8.

As spotted by Kotaku, modder Illogicoma pulled a total of seven Mario Kart 8 tracks from Models Resource and, with the help of a Blender add-on, made them appear in the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Before you get too excited, the Microsoft Flight Simulator Mario Kart mod isn't available for public download, and it may never be. But it is entertaining as hell to watch someone fly a true-to-life airplane through these goofy Mario Kart tracks like Mount Wario, Illogicoma's all-time favorite, and Moo Moo Meadows, the one with the cows that purposefully get in your way, the big jerks.

It's worth noting that this clever Flight Simulator mod doesn't actually work like a Mario Kart game; you can't win races since there's no one else around, and you can fly right through objects because the collision plug-in was being fussy. It's basically just a slowed-down visual tour of some of Mario Kart 8's most popular levels surrounded by Microsoft Flight Simulator's real-world backdrop, just because.

"So anyway I thought Mario Kart 8 tracks would also be fun when you play them in Flight Simulator so I put Mario Kart 8 tracks in Flight Simulator and played them and it was true," Illogicoma explained on Twitter.

If you haven't checked out the flight sim yet, well, we didn't include it on our list of the best games on Xbox Game Pass for nothin' - but before you jump in, be sure to read through these handy Microsoft Flight Simulator beginner tips.

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