Microsoft Flight Simulator 2022 roadmap teases new World Updates and Local Legends

Microsoft Flight Simulator
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The newly updated Microsoft Flight Simulator development roadmap outlines several minor and larger updates due to arrive by the end of March, with a new World Update and Local Legend coming this month. 

Each week will see minor updates to the game's software development kit (SDK) and other third-party tools, and this regular maintenance makes up the bulk of the roadmap. However, every month also has at least one chunkier update to flesh things out.

January 31 will see the release of World Update 7 and Local Legend 2: Fokker FVII, assuming everything goes according to plan. The first Local Legend focused on the Junkers Ju 52, which was sold for $14.99 upon release, and described the series as a way of spotlighting specific regional aircraft. 

In a similar vein, February will seemingly kick off a Famous Flyer series, with the Antonov AN-2 starring in the first release scheduled for February 22. Sim Update 8 is also penciled in for the 22nd alongside another round of regular SKD and third-party updates.

Two more updates, World Update 8 and Local Legend 3, are tentatively scheduled for March but don't have exact release dates yet. Microsoft and developer Asobo Studio haven't revealed the subject of the third Local Legend just yet, either. This is also where the current roadmap ends, but the April and June events and patches will apparently be announced around the end of March so players know what to expect as spring continues. 

Microsoft Flight Simulator received a GOTY edition late last year as a free update for existing players. 

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