X-Men screenwriter to rewrite Fantastic Four reboot

Fox's upcoming reboot of The Fantastic Four looks set for something of an overhaul, with Heat Vision reporting that X-Men: Days Of Future Past screenwriter Simon Kinberg is set to rewrite the script.

The screenplay has already received several coats of paint, with Seth Grahame-Smith having been brought on board to do a polish on Jeremy Slater's first draft, while as many as two more writers have contributed at one time or another.

The report also claims that Fox is bringing Kinberg on board to perform "significant" surgery on the script, suggesting that the studio isn't happy with the direction the project is taking.

Josh Trank remains in the hotseat to direct, but no major cast members have been announced, despite long-standing rumours linking the likes of Michael B. Jordan and Allison Williams to the project.

Fox currently has The Fantastic Four pencilled in for a US release date of 6 March 2015, although don't be surprised to see that pushed back should Kinberg have to perform a full rewrite...

George Wales

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