X-Men producer readies Logan's Run remake

The Logan's Run remake has suffered its fair share of development issues since first getting the greenlight back in 2000, yet according to a report from THR things are looking up for Warner Bros' sci-fi outing. Simon Kinberg, aka Fox's go-to man for all things X-Men related, has signed on to write the story and outline a treatment for the movie.

Kinberg will also produce along with Joel Silver, who's seen writers, directors and stars come and go over the years. At various points Christopher McQuarrie, Alex Garland and Will Beall each penned different drafts of the script and Bryan Singer and Nicolas Winding Refn were attached to direct. Ryan Gosling was also set to star in Refn's version.

Once Kinberg submits his treatment, the full screenplay writing duties will be taken up by another as-yet unknown scribe. The film will take its inspiration from the 1967 original movie (that's an adaptation of a then-popular novel) set in a distant future where people are taken to "Carrousel" on their 30 birthday and executed. Michael York stars as a "Sandman" -- a chosen few selected to round up the 29-year olds who'd prefer not to die. Sounds a bit bleak, which is why it will fit in perfectly with the current dystopian cinema craze.

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Gem Seddon

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