WWE 2K23 is rumored to be releasing in March 2023

WWE 2K22
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Rumor has it, 2K is holding a big reveal event at the end of the month that will share more details about WWE 2K23 and when it may finally release.

Whilst nothing is set in stone - at least not yet - Insider Gaming reckons 2K is planning on holding a WWE 2K23 event at the Royal Rumble event in San Antonio, TX, on January 28. The site also teases that the event will offer a hands-on gameplay preview for guests as well as pull back the curtain on an all-new mode, too.

Interestingly, the site also believes that more information is expected to be announced on February 1, although it's unclear if that's pertaining to embargoed content from the January Royal Rumble event or something completely new. We'll find out one way or the other soon enough, I guess.

"WWE 2K22 saw Visual Concepts overcome the disaster that was WWE 2K20, revitalizing the series with genuine physicality, user-friendly mechanics and huge cosmetic upgrades," Ben wrote in his feature, WWE 2K23 guide: Everything we know so far. "GR awarded it 3.5 stars, and patches since have bolstered it further."

"The diluted feel of MyGM when compared to its forebears is a blow, and legacy flaws are frustrating, but there’s so much else to like here," Ben said in his WWE 2K22 review. 

"The in-real action feels fresh and weighty. Animations, likenesses, and entrances all blow previous series entries away. And both MyFaction and Universe offer long-term value for money. After two-and-a-half years, developer Visual Concepts finally brings closure to the disastrous WWE 2K20 era. Over to you, AEW."

Ben also touched upon the post-release rumors that suggested that WWE may have quietly cut ties with 2K, with 2K22 acting as the series’ swansong. However, that seems less likely the closer we get to release, which is rumored to be in March 2023, a year after WWE 2K22 hit the mat.

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