Wonder Woman 2 features the return of... is it a spoiler if the director tweeted it?

Wonder Woman (opens in new tab) is almost ready to save the world again in Wonder Woman 2 (opens in new tab), which director Patty Jenkins gave new details for this morning. First up, the official title: Wonder Woman 1984. So yes, Princess Diana of Themyscira is headed to the decade of new wave music and neon billboards.

The other details are... well, they almost feel spoiler-y, so I'll give you a chance to duck out now if you want WW84 to be a surprise. Seriously. Like, I know the image you're about to see was tweeted out by the director so it's not like we're talking about some closely-guarded secret, but still.

Okay, you sure? Here you go:

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Yup, that's Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, dressed in a very '80s tracksuit, and looking a bit concerned. Or confused. Maybe constipated? I'm having trouble reading his body language here. Point is, Wonder Woman '84 apparently features the return of a character we all thought was dead, and who Diana was pining over in Justice League (opens in new tab). So what's the deal here?

One theory is that he's a vision, and Diana is only imagining him. But if that's the case, why is he wearing '80s fashion? Could he have simply survived the plane explosion at the end of Wonder Woman? I suppose, but that would make him nearly 70 years old, and Mr. Pine up there is looking damn fine for his age if that's the case. Some fans are telling people it could be a repeat of what happened in the Wonder Woman TV show, where Diana met up with Steve Trevor Jr., who was played by the same actor as his father.

Gal Gadot also shared a tease of the upcoming film, with our heroine standing in front of a wall of TVs, each broadcasting some appropriately '80s pop culture vibes.

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It was also confirmed that Kristen Wiig will play the movie's villain and one of Wonder Woman's most powerful arch-enemies, Cheetah. If you're not familiar with the character, well... I don't want to spoil it for you. I'll let Jenkins do that.

Wonder Woman 1984 arrives November 1, 2019.

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