WipEout cloned for DS

It's perfectly fine to rip off other people's ideas in videogames. Just change the game name and no-one will care. That's the lesson to be learned here as Rapid Racoon turns up on DS wearing a WipEout disguise.

As you can see, that game has you racing around similarly rollercoaster-like courses in similarly hovering anti-gravity ships in a similarly futuristic setting. It will have a similar weapon pick-up system that give you mines, missiles, magnets, bombs, speed boosts and other similar items to use during your race.

The ships are even split into teams, like WipEout. The only difference, as Lexicon Entertainment explains, is that "each team has a mascot, and one of them will be the Racoon," hence the game title. A tenuous link, we'd say.

The game, out in February 2008, will feature three varying universes, three difficulty modes and wireless local multiplayer. Hit the Images tab for deja vu.

August 2, 2007