Gran Turismo 7 director reveals fixes to rebalance the in-game economy

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Gran Turismo 7's director has apologized for "frustration and confusion" over the in-game economy.

Earlier today on March 25, Polyphony Digital president Kazanori Yamauchi took to the PlayStation Blog to pen an apology to the Gran Turismo 7 community. Firstly, Yamauchi began by apologizing for an update that went live last week, which caused not only server outages around the world, but also adjusted Gran Turismo 7's in-game economy without any explanation to the player base.

Going forward, Yamauchi says Polyphony Digital wants to remedy the frustrations surrounding the tight in-game economy. To do this, the number of in-game events for GT 7 players will increase from April, and the entire in-game economy will be rebalanced to better reward players, with more rewards from the World Circuits, Circuit Experience, and Endurance Race events, as well as Online Races.

Looking further ahead, there's going to be bigger changes coming to GT 7. Namely, there's going to be more events like the World Circuit, Endurance Races, and Online Time Trials, and Polyphony Digital will also be increasing the in-game payouts of participating in limited-time events in GT7. Finally, cars will be able to be sold at some point in the future.

This is all in response to last week's significant update, as Yamauchi previously alluded to. The update ultimately made it harder for players to earn their dreams cars, and some players even built their own AFK credit farm to deal with the massive grind. There's been a big backlash from GT 7's community in response to the stingy in-game economy, and in particular the expensive microtransactions, hence the update and apology from Polyphony Digital.

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