Gran Turismo 7 update overhauls in-game economy after criticisms

Gran Turismo 7 Ferrari F40 press image
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Gran Turismo 7 just got its biggest update since launch, overhauling the in-game economy and introducing brand new events.

As posted earlier today on the official Gran Turismo website, the latest game in Polyphony Digital's racing sim has received a hefty update. New events have been added to the World Circuit series, including the World Touring Car 600 Tokyo Expressway East Clockwise, World Touring Car 700 24 Heures du Mans Racing Circuit, and finally the World Touring Car 800 Sardegna Road Track A.

Additionally, the rewards for all races completed in the latter half of a World Circuit event have been increased, and the rewards for Arcade and Custom Races have seen a boost. One of the biggest criticisms levelled at Gran Turismo 7 since launch last month was its in-game economy was incredibly restrictive (something that director Kazanori Yamauchi even spoke about last month), so these increased rewards should help players unlock new cars quicker.

It's not just in the World Circuit that the rewards are increasing though, because you'll also see bigger payouts from the Lobbies and Daily Races modes, and all Endurance Race events. Elsewhere, the maximum cap for in-game credits earned has been raised to 100 million Cr, which should be a big boost for players looking to stockpile their earnings.

Finally, the new GT 7 update actually improves car physics. You'll now see better physics when landing from a jump, especially on off-road areas, and there's also a fix for AI opponents incorrectly being slowed down after changing to rain tyres during a wet weather event. In all, this is a sizeable update for Polyphony Digital's latest, and should go a long way to addressing criticisms of GT 7.

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Hirun Cryer

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