This Need For Speed Unbound car horn is just A$AP Rocky saying "beep beep"

Need for Speed Unbound
(Image credit: EA)

Need For Speed Unbound employs one of rap's all-time great artists in a slightly unusual way.

EA and Criterion's latest racing game features A$AP Rocky, players have only just discovered. However, as the tweet below illustrates, rather than just feature the artist on Need For Speed Unbound's soundtrack, the game actually has a car horn with the prolific artist saying "beep beep."

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What an inspired design direction. If you've ever wanted to go full comedic horn for your car rather than having a horn as intimidating as possible to warn off opponents, you might well want to unlock the A$AP horn for your Need For Speed Unbound ride.

Another incredibly appealing alternative would be having Charli XCX saying "beep beep" from her absolute banger of a track, 'Vroom Vroom.' Considering we've already got A$AP Rocky simply saying "beep beep" for a car horn, we can't exactly complain at the offerings. 

Need For Speed Unbound launched just yesterday on November 29, but that's only for the premium Palace Edition of the racing game. For everyone else, EA's latest release in the prolific racing series is slated to launch later this week on Friday, November 2 on all platforms.

Unbound was only just announced last month in October, complete with a full anime-inspired debut trailer. There's over 140 vehicles in the full Need For Speed Unbound car list, including the likes of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Fords, and more.

Check out our full guide to the best Need For Speed games if you're looking to revisit the best the racing series has to offer. 

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