Will there be Nintendo Switch OLED restocks on Black Friday?

Nintendo Switch OLED Black Friday
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It may not have been the update we wanted, but that hasn't stopped many from wondering if there will be Nintendo Switch OLED restocks on Black Friday. Supply shortages have meant the latest device has been incredibly difficult to get your hands on over the last couple of months, but those trying to find out where to buy Nintendo Switch OLED are looking to the Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals for the next big restock. 

Retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and Amazon (in the US) and Currys, Amazon, Very, and Argos (in the UK) have been struggling to keep this console on the shelves. However, we are expecting a spattering of Nintendo Switch OLED restocks here on Black Friday. 

These stores have been holding back on PS5 restocks and Xbox Series X stock drops before this month, with the fruits of that hoarding coming to light in recent weeks. We've seen far more consoles hitting the shelves recently than in October, and we expect a similar forecast for the Switch as well.

That's not to say the shelves will be awash with Nintendo Switch OLED restocks on Black Friday, but if you're struggling to find a shiny new model ahead of the holidays, the November 26 event may offer another chance to buy.

Will there be Nintendo Switch OLED restocks on Black Friday?

Nintendo OLED

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It looks like there will be more chances to secure a Nintendo Switch OLED this Black Friday, then. While we're not expecting the console to be easily accessible, and chip shortages have significantly reduced Nintendo's manufacturing output over the last few weeks, the consoles that have been shipped to retailers are likely being held until the biggest shopping weekend of the year. 

Target, for example, is the first retailer to mention the new console in its Black Friday advertising. The store has listed the Nintendo Switch OLED in its latest sneak peek ad, with the console looking to be available sometime between November 21 and 27. 

In the UK, Very has been offering a range of Nintendo Switch OLED bundles ahead of Black Friday, with shipping set for December 21. That's both a blessing and a curse. It tells us that there are consoles out there waiting to go live on the shelves, but those extended delivery dates mean they might not necessarily be in retailers' hands quite yet. Nevertheless, stores will be keen to take advantage of the shopping activity over Black Friday itself, so may well offer more pre-orders like this. 

All of this suggests there will be some Nintendo Switch OLED restocks on Black Friday, but you'll have to be quick to snatch them up. We'd recommend keeping in regular contact with the retailers above throughout next week, and paying particular attention on Sunday November 21 when Nintendo launches the rest of its Black Friday deals. 

Where will Nintendo Switch OLED restocks be on Black Friday?

There are a few retailers we'll be watching for Nintendo Switch OLED restocks this Black Friday. In the US, Target is the only store that has mentioned the new console in its official Black Friday ads which means we'd advise watching this retailer like a hawk. However, Walmart and Best Buy have both offered more consoles in recent weeks - though they were locked behind membership paywalls. 

In the UK, however, we've already seen Very offering some excellent Nintendo Switch OLED restocks well ahead of Black Friday. The retailer has been offering bundles over the last week, with delivery slated for December 21. Those shipping times might be pushed back once this stock drop dries up, but we're expecting to see more consoles on the shelves here soon, with Argos, Currys, and Amazon remaining suspiciously quiet in recent weeks as well. 

You'll find all the retailers we recommend keeping tabs on just below.

Nintendo Switch OLED restocks on Black Friday - US


Amazon | Check for stock
Amazon is a perennial favorite, though its restocks are often sudden, fast, and without warning. That means you'll have to be watching this particular retailer closely for Nintendo Switch OLED restocks on Black Friday. We haven't seen too many drops in the past, but this retailer could have been stockpiling ahead of the main event.


Walmart | Check for stock
Walmart has been ramping up its drops on other consoles, so we're expecting a show when it comes to Nintendo Switch OLED as well. It's worth noting, however, that Walmart Plus members will also get early access to this year's restocks and Black Friday deals, so you might have a stronger chance here if you're willing to pay a little per month.

White model / Neon Red/blue model


Target | Check for stock
Target is the only US retailer to specifically highlight the Nintendo Switch OLED in its Black Friday ad. That gives us plenty of hope for at least a few in-store drops, even if we have to guess at their locations.


Best Buy | Check for stock
Best Buy had a brief flutter of Nintendo Switch OLED stock earlier this week, but that was locked behind its TotalTech paywall. If you're a member, then, it's well worth watching for more offers here, especially considering we're placing our bets on this store being the first to offer Nintendo's official deals on the rest of the lineup.


GameStop | Check for stock
GameStop is an interesting beast. While we certainly haven't seen any more Nintendo Switch OLED restocks here than we have at other retailers, the bundles that this store offers can stay in stock much longer. If you're at a loss after the first few waves of stock elsewhere, it's well worth checking here.

Nintendo Switch OLED restocks on Black Friday - UK


Amazon | Check for stock
Amazon UK functions similarly to Amazon US when it comes to console drops. We very rarely get any warning ahead of time, and restocks are sometimes hidden behind third-party sellers. We'd keep a close eye here over Black Friday, then, but be wary of inflated pricing.


Very | Check for stock
Very is the most recent retailer to have offered Nintendo Switch OLED restocks - in fact, you'll find plenty still in stock for delivery ahead of Christmas. We don't know how much longer this round will last though. Plus, considering the December 21 shipping date even on these units, it's likely Very won't have much space on Black Friday itself.


Game | Check for stock
Game regularly refreshes its Nintendo Switch OLED supplies, but with very few standalone consoles. Instead, you'll have a far better time chasing bundles at this retailer over Black Friday. It's been a while since we last saw units appear, which means there could be a warehouse full of consoles somewhere out there.


Currys | Check for stock
Currys offers very few Nintendo Switch OLED restocks, but we could well see more stock on the shelves next week. If, like other retailers, Currys has been saving itself for the main event, you'll have to be quick off the mark.

You'll find plenty more Nintendo Switch bundles up for grabs over the next couple of weeks, and we're also rounding up the best Nintendo Switch Lite deals as well. For more console savings, though, check out our guides to the best Black Friday PS5 deals and Black Friday Xbox Series X deals.

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