Westworld season 2 adds new cast members: are they host or human?

2018. It seems so far away, doesn't it? Especially when we've got to wait until then for our next glimpse at android politics gone bananas in Westworld season 2. Following the batshit season 1 finale, I'm eager for every morsel of new info that might shed light on what's to come. 

Bearing that in mind, Variety reports that two new actors have joined the cast, Jonathan Tucker and Neil Jackson. So who might they be playing? Tucker you might recognise from a slew of TV shows including Parenthood, Hannibal, Justified, American Gods and Kingdom. 

In Westworld he'll be playing Major Craddock, a commanding military officer. That's the extent of intel on his role, and it's hard to tell if he is human or host. I'm erring towards human. I mean, the end of season 1 was pretty hairy and if the androids are on the loose doing whatever they like, it makes sense that the military are alerted and get involved.

As for Jackson, he had a recurring role on Sleepy Hollow for a while, so he's no stranger to genre fare.

On Westworld he plays Nicholas, described as a "charming and resourceful man who finds himself in uncharted territory." Right, so I'm guessing right then and there that he's a human. I think he entered the park as a guest in season 1, and we've simply not met him yet. Now that everything's gone haywire we'll discover where he's been this whole time.

With the Westworld panel set to take place later today in SDCC's Hall H, we might even see a glimpse of the pair in action...

Images: HBO 

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