Want to own Fall Guys in Lego form? You can vote for this fan-made "Ultimate Brickout" set

(Image credit: BrickinNick (via Lego Ideas))

Have you ever wondered what Fall Guys would look like in Lego form? Well, wonder no more, because Lego builder BrickinNick has done just that with a fan-made set. 

The "Ultimate Brickout" set is currently on the Lego Ideas website, where creative builders can submit proposals for product creations. If the idea gets 10,000 supporter votes, it can be made into a real set anyone can buy and own. 

The Lego brick recreations of Mediatonic's loveable Fall Guys really captures the likeness and lets you form up your very own little Lego team with four different Fall Guys in a variety of fun outfit you can wear in-game. With the Undies, Raptor, and Fries costumes, the set also features a Fall Guy sporting a classic Lego Brick look. 

"After discovering all of the wacky outfits your 'bean can rock in-game, I knew it would be awesome to see a Lego Brick costume, so I quickly got to work on building one." BrickinNick says on the Ideas pages. "As the build came together, I discovered it had a sort of "skeleton" that would allow for a wide variety of outfits, and once I finished the Brick Costume, I created enough outfits to have a full squad! Each build uses a variety of building techniques to achieve its look, with every character featuring pose-able arms and legs." 

You can check out the neat Lego Fall Guy figures in BrickinNick's YouTube video, which also gives you a step-by-step look at the "frame" or "skeleton" of the build they used to make the set. As of writing this article, the idea currently has 948 supporters, but it's still early days yet, and given the popularity of the Battle Royale game right now, it could very well get more supporters in time. 

"Fall Guys has taken the world by storm with it's incredibly fun, silly, and accessible gameplay," BrickinNick writes. "With adorable characters, awesome music, and all sorts of crazy challenges, I've been having a blast playing the game, especially with friends, and couldn't help bring my love of the game together with my love of the bricks!" 

Check out the latest Fall Guys patch notes to keep track of the most recent updates. 

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