Visit the Godzilla experience at San Diego Comic-Con

Ten thousand fans will experience a monstrous attack on a Tokyo skyscraper in this exclusive Comic-Con walk through experience

On Wednesday morning as San Diego revved up for Comic-Con we were among the first to enter the awesome Godzilla Encounter created for the show by Legendary, makers of next year's Gareth Edwards-directed film .

The journey through, which the organisers anticipate will be undertaken by 10,000 people between 5pm on preview night and the con's close on Sunday, takes about seven minutes.

You enter a recreation of a Tokyo street including a Ramen Bar and a TV shop (appropriately showing scenes from old Godzilla movies). Displays nearby also show classic monster toys and comics and posters about Godzilla's history.

When a klaxon sounds and uniformed staff bellow about a radiation warning, you're rushed through to a lab with environment monitoring controls and then into a lift, ostensibly to escape via the roof. The lift "crashes" on the 25th floor where you hop out and witness the full horror of Godzilla roaming the rain-swept streets through a window. The frightening footage, played at giant size, is not from the film itself but is previous VFX work. Unfortunately your humble SFX infiltrators were not permitted to photograph this bit.

To visit the event while you're in San Diego head to 704 J Street, San Diego, CA, 92101 (between 7th and 8th Avenues). There's a radiation detector app you can download ( Android or iPhone ) so you can play along. Godzilla will be released by Warner next May.