Valheim Skyrim recreation is bringing Whiterun to the 10th realm

Valheim Skyrim recreation, specifically of Whiterun
(Image credit: Iron Gate Studio/Djchieu)

Valheim players are recreating Skyrim's city of Whiterun, and it's a pretty good fit thanks to the shared Viking vibes.

Whiterun: Update 4 from r/valheim

Reddit user Djchieu posted their first video about the project last week (as spotted by Game Informer), and since then has shared four more update videos showing their progress on building the famed Elder Scrolls settlement in Valheim since then. They've also been joined by two other players who have taken over the bulk of construction duties as Djchieu continues to document the process.

Started an attempt at building Whiterun. Looking for some builders who would like to help. I have all the materials you should need. from r/valheim

Whiterun is the first major city most players visit in Skyrim, keeping it lodged firmly in the nostalgia centers of millions. It's just big enough to be a big project for folks attempting to rebuild it without seeming completely unattainable, and its Nord architecture lines up nicely with the Viking-inspired build options that Valheim natively supports. Not everything's going to be one-to-one, given the limitations inherent in creating something with pre-existing bits of buildings, but the spirit is very much present.

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