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Valheim modders are adding enemies and environments to unused biomes

(Image credit: Iron Gate Studios / Nexus Mods)

Valheim modders are filling empty biomes with enemies, environmental damage, and more to keep the game fresh while waiting for Iron Gate to add new biomes, reports Eurogamer (opens in new tab)

It's so popular that it's easy to forget Valheim is in early access, and players who have finished all the biomes and bosses have quite some time to wait until an update adds a new biome to explore. That's why Nexus Mods is full of mods that are taking advantage of currently unused biomes like Ashlands and the Deep North. You can technically explore these areas right now, but there's not much going on there, as they're still in development over at Iron Gate. 

A mod called Forgotten Biomes (opens in new tab) adds creepy rocks and skulls for some environmental flair, and introduces fire damage to the Ashlands, making it impossible to walk around there without some type of fire resistance. There's also plenty of ore to be discovered in both Deep North and Ashlands, as well. 

Another mod is adding encounters to those newly fleshed-out areas. Monsternomicon (opens in new tab) adds "an ever-expanding list of new enemies to enrich the game experience with fresh challenges" including the Surtling and elder Surtling in the Ashlands. They're apparently rather tough to take on, so don't head to the Ashlands without some gear and grub. 

Forgotten Biomes will work on worlds you've already created, but will only change unexplored or un-generated areas, so keep that in mind before installing. Monsternomicon requires you install a few other mods for it to work properly, but they're all listed 'How to Install' section. Valheim modders are really helping stretch the game's playability while in early access, and it's great to see.

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