Former Mass Effect devs' survival game Nightingale gets "biggest" post-launch update yet with quality of life and gameplay improvements

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Nightingale, the survival game from former Mass Effects devs, will soon receive its "biggest" update yet that includes quality-of-life and gameplay changes. 

Last week, Inflexion Games shared a developer update that gives us a rundown of everything happening in the upcoming 0.2 update. "Up until now, we've primarily been focusing on bug-fixing for the original launch build," Steph Herdman, community manager, reveals, "but this will be the first update that has a couple of quality-of-life features, as well as larger changes to existing gameplay." 

Nightingale launched via Early Access in February of this year and was met with a 'Mixed' start on Steam. Following this, Nightingale is getting several quality-of-life improvements such as crafting using resources from nearby chests, queuing up to six things at a crafting bench at once, the ability to purchase wares directly from your guidebook after meeting an Essence Trader, and more.

Elsewhere, Nightingale's senior designer David Holmes drops by to talk about 0.2's new crafting features. You'll find a full list of the changes on the developer's website, but some of the most notable ones are the ability to stack attributes, items will now receive attributes from resources used in crafting, and the number of attributes has been made more intuitive and valuable.

There's also a combat update with lead designer Michael Carter, that reveals two new Bounds plus changes to existing Bounds and weapons, and an update on Inflexion Games' approach to developing Nightingale. Talking about prioritizing fixes for the game, Herdman says: "We're always trying to balance bug fixes and current adjustments to the game on top of also making new content for you all."

We also got an update on Nightingale's previously promised Offline Mode: "At the time of recording, we've made pretty significant progress on the offline mode and even have instances of it running on our PCs," the community manager explains. "But more work and testing is needed before we can share more."

Finally, the developer revealed it's currently working on new biomes, creatures, and building tilesets for Nightingale "but these larger content updates take more time to develop" so fans should look out for more news in the summer. We can also expect more, smaller content updates similar to the 0.2 update in the future. 

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