Valheim Hearth and Home finally has a release date

(Image credit: Iron Gate)

Valheim Hearth and Home expansion will release on September 16.

In a new animated trailer which sees the player taking on draconic boss Moder in one of the game's mountain biomes, before trekking home with his prize and eventually returning to the meadow, developer Iron Gate announced that the long-awaited update will launch next month.

Hearth and Home was originally expected to release shortly after the game's release in February. After an astronomic rise to success which saw seven million copies sell in just two months, however, Iron Gate was forced to pivot to a number of quality of life changes, delaying many upcoming updates as well as the title's 1.0 release, which was originally due towards the end of this year. There's been no word on when we can now expect that, but with Hearth and Home now arriving several months later than planned, those other updates are likely to suffer similar delays.

Iron Gate has already revealed a reasonable amount of information as to what players can expect in Hearth and Home. The update will be predominantly focused on cooking, building, and decoration, but that doesn't mean there aren't gameplay implications too. The change to food means that players will now have to decide whether they want to focus on eating stamina-based items to make blocking easier, or strength based morsels to help them hit harder.

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