Valheim fish trap is way faster than heading out with your rod and tackle

Valheim fishing philosopher Nacon
(Image credit: Reddit user Nacon)
The Bridge at the End of the World from r/valheim

A Valheim fish trap will give you an easy way to farm one of the best foodstuffs in the game, all thanks to one player's keen understanding of fish AI and doors.

Reddit user Nacon shared their clever design on the main Valheim subreddit, and if you have a stack or two of wood lying around and ready access to the ocean, you can duplicate it yourself with a few minutes of work. Nacon shared a complete, step-by-step guide to constructing the design with tips for building as well as an explanation for how and why each piece works the way it does.

Nacon's Fish Ramp Trap from r/valheim

The basic principle behind the trap is that fish are guided into a funnel then up the ramp, most likely by you swimming up from behind and scaring them. While they'd normally turn around instead of just flinging themselves up onto something, the ramp is so narrow that they don't have the space they need to turn around. Once they're up far enough, you use the physical force of the series of closing doors to push your big catch up to the top of the ramp, where you can easily scoop them up by hand.

Fishing the old fashioned way with a rod and bait is relaxing, but this method is a lot faster when you need a ton of fish wraps and don't have time to mess around.

If this is a little intense of a build for you, maybe start out with an equally practical Valheim sundial.

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