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Valheim first-person mod is like Skyrim with more falling trees

(Image credit: Iron Gate Studios)

A new Valheim first-person mod lets you zoom all the way into your Viking's noggin for an even closer view of your procedurally generated afterlife.

As spotted by our pals at PC Gamer (opens in new tab), the mod is simple and sweet: just scroll in past the usual minimum camera distance and you can start seeing the world in first-person, and scroll right back out when you're done. The mod was first posted over the weekend (opens in new tab) and it's already received several updates to fix up some interface problems, slightly tweaking how the sailing interface and damage numbers appear so they're easier to see in first-person.

While Valheim was built to be played in third-person, most of the game works surprisingly well in first-person mode - especially exploring the world on foot, or better still, taking to the open ocean on a boat. First-person combat is a bit awkward, unless you like staring at the back of a shield, but you can always zoom the camera out when it's time to send some greydwarfs back to Niflheim or wherever the heck they're supposed to be.

Anything that lets you appreciate the natural splendor of Valheim's sprawling worlds are very much worth a shot. You'll need to install BepInExPack Valheim (opens in new tab) before you can use the Valheim first-person mod, since Valheim doesn't natively support mods at the moment, but the install process for both is relatively painless.

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